NMS Provides Crematories the Most Accountability for Post-Cremation Metals

Dental Alloys

Since dental alloys are non-magnetic (non-ferrous), they could easily be overlooked by a crematorium operator in the course of dealing with cremains. See the NMS Equipment Page for information about obtaining a free Transfer Tray and Metal Detector!

variety of old dental gold scrap for recyclingDental Labs utilize precious metals such as gold, palladium, platinum and silver for dental inlays, crowns and bridges. Dental Labs sometimes also use non-precious metals such as copper and zinc. Dental alloys are either all metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal, also known as “PFM”. Dental alloys are generally classified in these categories:

  • High Noble (precious) – alloys comprised of a high gold and palladium content
  • Noble (semi-precious) – alloys comprised of a mix of precious metals and other non-precious metals
  • Non-noble (non-precious) – alloys comprised of all e-max dental porcelain or zirconia crowns

Dental Labs produce alloys differently and apply different ratios or blends of these metals based on their customer’s needs. Many Dental Labs bond porcelain on the outside of a dental prosthetic to make the alloys appear as natural as possible. Platinum group metals, including palladium and platinum, strengthen the durability of the dental alloys.

Each dental lot is evaluated and assigned a unique customer number to trace the refining process. The dental alloys are smelted IN-HOUSE at Noble Metal Solutions, giving a faster turnaround time and a higher return. After the alloys have been smelted into a mixed-metal bar, our technicians utilize a chemical process to separate the precious elements into pure form for reuse.

Noble Metal Solutions is forthright and transparent with incoming weights and the final assay (metal-purity report), providing the crematory with the most accountability for their post-cremation metals.  While not required, NMS recommends that operators separate dental alloys from the obvious implants.

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Our NTS transfer tray is offered free to qualified clients.