Proven Track Record of Security, Accuracy, and Accountability

How It Works

Noble Metal Solutions uses state-of-the-art refining procedures and internal systems to track your metal through the entire refining process.  Our clients choose us for our proven track record of security, accuracy, and accountability.  We provide complimentary collection containers and cover all shipping costs from your facility to our refinery.  At the crematorium’s convenience, NMS will arrange a carrier to pick up the post-cremation metals at the crematory.

NMS contacts Customers promptly upon receipt of a package or container.  Each lot received is assigned a “Customer Lot Number” for secure identification and tracking during the refining process.  To ensure accountability, accuracy, and security, all incoming packages are opened under video surveillance with two or more NMS employees present to ensure lot integrity.  The metals are then separated into their various categories (cobalt, dental alloys etc.) and weighed.

Post-cremation metals are unique and have to be recycled in an environmentally compliant manner.  The various metal groups go through a detailed process of evaluation, smelting and assaying.  Once the lot has been smelted, NMS uses its chemical treatment to extract the precious metals for reuse.  After the lot has been processed, an NMS account manager will contact the client to report on and review assay results and confirm the method of payment.

Collection Containers
Innovative Equipment

Our NTS transfer tray is offered free to qualified clients.